Feel Like a Kid Again(what people are saying):


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I have been having a lot of pain stemming from my sciatic nerve so a friend recommended that I call Debbie Garner at MYOCARE. She listened and she really focused in the area that could be causing me problems. She did such a thorough job releasing knots and tension within my body. What a difference she made. I think she is such a kind and caring individual and she really does care about your wellbeing. I have already started recommending her to my friends.

-        Vienna

Very good massage experience – professional, yet I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable.  Listened to my concerns and addressed these areas with special attention.   Great massage!

-        Sue

Debbie has helped me so much, I don't know where to begin. I am walking without knee pain, and going up and down steps like a normal person. And thats just a smidge of what she's done for me. She is an expert at what she does and she truly cares about the people she helps. I highly recommend Debbie Garner.

-          Deborah

Debbie pays attention to your body and focuses her attention where needed.

-          Terri

It was the best massage I have ever had!!!

-          Stacy

After talking to a friend about a serious posture concern I had, she suggested that I might want to try a visit to Debbie Garner because she had had such great success with her problems. I know it is hard to believe but after the very first visit I was standing taller and felt more confident about myself. I am thrilled with the results Debbie has provided me, her sincere concern for me was evident from the beginning. Subsequent visits made me feel even better, it continues to help me realize how important taking care of my whole body is. I can truthfully say that I am more physically and mentally able to live an active lifestyle which my husband and friends have commented on. Debbie Garner is a real blessing to me and has helped me to become a better person with a better body, the results are amazing!

-          Carolyn

Debbie offers me a professional and personalized service She helps resolve specific patient issues and follows up.

-          Marge

Knowledge and technique. Makes me feel like a friend. I am comfortable with her personality and service. Somebody that cares.

-          Tim

The pain relief was amazing, I had relief right away, and it has continued due to the regular followups.

-          Anonymous

I felt "lighter" immediately and my balance improved right away

-          Anonymous

She hit spots that no one has ever hit before.  Feel so much better.

-          Yvette

It feels good to feel good.

-           Debbie M.

I am so happy Debbie has started her much awaited new business! I have been to her several times and she is very knowledgeable and also very talented and intuitive. I say that from a perspective of extensive experience with many other therapists. She is the best I have been to in a long time.

-        Kim

The best massage I have EVER received came from Debbie Garner - you should give her a call, it will be worth it!! Again, you will not be sorry, she is amazing!

-        Keith