Check the wear pattern on your shoes

Pronating or supinating feet can sometimes be addressed in one session.

Plantar Fasciitis?

Create space for healing by lengthening calf muscles.



Lower back cutting your ride short?

Overdeveloped gluteal muscles can wreak havoc on your lower back.  Releasing hamstrings and gluteal muscles will give your low back some peace.




Shoulder pain got your workout sidelined?

Alleviate tight muscles with targeted massage and joint mobility stretches.



Saving baggage fees by carrying your own luggage?

Tiny seat spaces and hoisting heavy luggage are the new standards in travel.  Relieve neck and shoulder tension with deep tissue and trigger point therapy targeting these areas.



About to blow a gasket?

Studies show that massage reduces stress by increasing the parasympathetic  response and reducing stress hormones.  Hormones released during stress can lead to issues with heart, kidney, and digestive functions.  Don’t let stress manage your life; manage your stress.


Your head weighs about 8 pounds….or 70…

Balanced over your spine, your head creates about 8 pounds of force on your neck & back.  Forward-head posture can exert as much as 70 pounds of force – OUCH!  Alleviate computer-itis posture with massage and muscle repatterning.