Massage helps me (and my dog!) stay active.

Massage helps me (and my dog!) stay active.


NCLMBT #14520

Member AMTA

Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Yoga Instructor

Body Therapy Institute:   http://bti.edu/

Myocare: Neuromuscular Pain Relief Clinic:  http://myocare.net/

Dynamic Motion Chiropractic Clinic:   http://dynamochiro.com/


With nearly 20 years experience as a fitness & yoga instructor and certified personal trainer, Debbie knows what’s involved in health & fitness.  As an avid yogi, hiker, kayaker, paddle-boarder, road cyclist, mountain biker, motorcycle enthusiast, strength trainer, and casual runner, she also knows how these activities can affect your body.  Structural imbalances and repetitive sports movements caused pain for her, and led her to seek relief through massage and bodywork.  Thrilled with the result, she developed a passion for body awareness.
A thirst for knowledge around holistic wellness inspired her to study with the renowned Body Therapy Institute to become a licensed massage therapist.  As her education in myofascial meridians increased, the connection between sports-related pain and structural imbalances became even more apparent.  And integrating her background as a yoga instructor revealed Debbie’s specialty in breathwork.  Exciting stuff!
Debbie’s passion is helping others find relief from pain, and enhanced performance in daily activities – from chasing kids to walking dogs to running marathons.  Everyone deserves to feel good!